Leeds Guitar Studio Using the Diminished Scale in Blues Improvisation

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Expanding your blues vocabulary

  One of the things I help people with most frequently is getting their playing out of a rut. A good way to approach this problem is to build upon something you already know and of course the most familar thing to a guitarist is invariably the blues scale. It's also usually the thing they're most sick of playing! They're 'stuck in the box' so to say! In this lesson I look at how to incorporate the diminished scale into more familiar pentatonic, blues based playing.

  The diminished is a symetrical, octatonic (8 note) scale that yeilds all manner of interesting colours and alterations but can be tricky to get your head around because of the many options it contains. Jazz players love it for that reason but blues players also use it albeit in a slightly different way. This video shows you simple and practical ways to apply the diminished scale without getting bogged down in too much theory.