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People often wonder what guitar lessons will involve and of course this will vary but there should be some structure and consistency. Below is a fairly typical lesson plan and links to some example content covering a range of subjects. I'm constantly striving for simplicity and clarity in the way I deliver the information. More often than not there will be video to supplement the written part of a lesson. This is incredibly helpful when coming back to practice something after a break between lessons. 
Another thing that distinguishes my teaching method is the lack of rote learning involved. Of course there will always be instances where this is necessary - memorising note locations etc but even those benefit from a 'process' approach. A 'process'
is where you think through an exercise in order to properly internalise something. In essence, learning to think musically. Here is an example of this method.
A typical session might be structured like this:

Often these are specially written tracks designed to improve one aspect of your playing. You will receive a lesson bundle which includes a playthrough video, a phrase by phrase breakdown video, backing tracks and pdf tabbed score. Here's an example.

Although it might sound quite dry it's all a lot more fun than it might sound! The priority at all times at is to make the student as good a musician as possible. This is key to deriving the maximum enjoyment, confidence and long term pleasure from the guitar. Quality guitar lessons are not just about learning the guitar but also about developing the skills required to be a musician. This is why so much emphasis is placed upon practical skills such as ear training, time feel and a working knowledge of harmony.

 It doesn't matter how old (or young) you are either. Adult improvers have become something of a speciality for the Leeds Guitar Studio and we are constantly proving that it's never too late.