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"Hey Graham 
Hope you're well.
Ive tried out a fair few teachers now and you deffo come out top. I felt like I had had a lesson when I left yours and I feel like your methodical approach would really help me with my scatter brain that can't work out a plan to progress my playing.To explain what I mean, I had one trial and I was thrown so much information without actually really delving into anything that was been said, so I think the teacher may have felt they covered a lot of ground but for me I would like to go slower and really understand what Im learning and I got the impression thats how you teach.

Email recieved 02.04.2016

"I've been studying with Graham for a few months now and he has massively helped me improve my playing and technique. He always manages to teach at a level that I can follow and gives the encouragement needed to improve and take my playing and music knowledge to the next level. I would recommend Leeds Guitars studio to any one wishing to improve their ability, knowledge and skill, Graham has it covered."

Alkin Mustafa 07.04.2014

"Having played a guitar on an off for a while I decided that if I wanted to progress I would have to have lessons. I did quite a bit of research and after having watched Graham play I decided he was the one to go for. My first session was an assessment of what my ability and importantly what I wanted to get out of lessons. The lessons are structured, challenging and backed up by print outs, web documents and backing tracks. Day courses are available and I learned a lot from these especially about playing in a band, e.g. the importance of timing etc. His technical background and his ability to teach a full range of styles is exceptional and its been really worth the time invested. If you want to learn to play and play well Grahams the best tutor you'll find."

Mike Harrison - 09.04.2014

"I plateaued as a guitar player a long time ago and decided that lessons were needed to progress. A major problem I had was that my guitar playing was held back by the fact I had virtually no real knowledge of musical theory or how the guitar actually works. Also my technique was in serious need of repair. Graham expertly conducted his MOT, identified the areas we needed to focus on and then structured our lessons accordingly. The lessons combined explanation, demonstration and plenty of practice along with accompanying materials (given as printouts or sent by email) to go over at home. I found the lessons enjoyable, well organised and productive and I can safely say I have achieved my main objectives. I would not hesitate in recommending Graham to anyone looking for expert guitar tuition."

Nick Hutcheon 21.4.2013

"I have been having lessons with Graham for around 18 months now, and my playing has improved beyond recognition.
My theory has gone from almost none-existent to a thorough grasp of the fundamentals, and all the bad habits in my technique have been ironed out.
Graham has been able to answer every question I have come up with, and has had examples and excercises for every situation.
He has also been able to provide lots of useful advice on equipment and recording, and has recently helped me choose a new guitar, which I am very happy with.
Also, he has a nice cat"

Chris Todd - 16.06.09

"Graham is a superb musician with a wide knowledge of contemporary and not so contemporary music. His teaching style is exact and very clear, he will not wave a magic wand over your playing but he will provide you with the tools to improve tremendously. He pays great attention to detail but is always cheerful and patient, no matter how much repetition is required to make progress. He will teach you how to play tunes if that is what you want but his knowledge of how music works is second to none. He will show you how to make music yourself and will turn you into a musician rather than just another strummer or riffer. Like most fledgling guitarists I had always been afraid of classic notation, however Graham has slowly and almost imperceptibly taught me how to read and how to make real use of sheet music. He certainly doesn’t insist upon this but he will make it very easy to achieve if it is part of what you want. Alternatively if you just want to play very fast he has loads of exercises that will help. I have been taught by others in the Leeds area, Graham is without doubt the best."

Eamonn Sheridan - 11.06.09

“I’ve been studying with Graham for about a year and a half now, having played for many years and finally deciding I wanted to ‘do it properly’. We’ve ranged from basic good technique to Blues to Rock with some Jazz thrown in for good measure and all of this related to a strong, theoretical base at the same time. This was right for me and what I wanted to do - Graham is more than able to instantly jump from one topic or technique to another in response to any question I can dream up. He’s made me realise just how much there is I could learn – a great teacher, a fantastic player and a nice bloke into the bargain!”

Peter Brooks - 10.06.09

"Graham is a perfect guitar tutor and a very friendly guy. He got fabulous skills but he is very patient with his students no matter what level his students are at. It's a pleasure to learn from him."

Ryan Fong from Hong Kong via email - 28.08.08

"Graham has a number of qualities that place him head and shoulders above other tutors. His virtuoso ability and comprehensive knowlegde of the entire musical spectrum are both staggering and inspiring. Unlike other tutors that I have experienced, Graham also posesses a teacher's ability to pass these skills on in a structured and interesting manner, always able to relate any given musical idea or technique to my particular musical taste.

Graham's unswerving demand for technical discipline is such that in a mere 18 months my technical ability has improved to the point where I am now able to cleanly articulate passages that are 40% faster than those of which I was capable at my first lesson. He is the only serious choice for anyone who wishes to master their instrument."

Simon Oldham - 16.06.2008

"I had been playing on and off for 5 years and had lessons in the first year. It was only a year ago when I decided I was going to seek a music teacher - After a search on the internet I came across Grahams website and was immediately impressed. I popped down and soon learnt after a 5 min MOT test that I had learnt some very bad habits in my five years. Graham took me back to the beginning and developed my basic skills that would inevitably make the playing I was doing now so much easier but also mean I was able to tackle and succeed in learning the things I thought were impossible and only achievable by the guitar supremos! After a year of lessons I have followed a programme that has gradually seen my skills go from strength to strength, due to family/work commitments I cant practice as much as I would like but due to Grahams teaching methods I have come on a long way. Graham's knowledge of not just the guitar but music theory/engineering/business is astounding and his range of playing styles incredible, it is vary rare to see a musician with this much talent who is gigging and offers this sort of service anybody with a will to play the guitar. How a man with so much skill can be so patient (thanks G) as well is great and makes you feel you will get there in the end. I just wished I had known about Graham 5 years ago when I first started playing!"

Alex Brittain - 25.07.06 via email

"We just wanted to say a big thank you for all the support and advice you have given Joe as well as the excellent teaching. I know he has valued his guitar lessons and the time spent with you"

The Griffin Family - 21.04.08 via email

"There's no doubt that my playing has improved tremendously in just the short time I spent with Graham, his help with technique and theory have moved me onto the next rung.  Damn tasty player too."

Simon Gillot - 24.07.06 via email

"Graham, Thanks for being a great teacher and very inspirational!"

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