Leeds guitar lessons

 Leeds Guitar Studio is well equipped for every eventuality. All you'll ever really need to bring is your guitar but if it's more convenient there's plenty you can borrow too. Although we have lots of amps and many, many pedals most lessons are conducted through a DAW for greater convience. This makes it easier to work with backing tracks, drum loops and the like. There are AxeFX, Bias amp software and lots of other high end amp simulators and effects processors to play through so that you are assured of a sound you're comfortable with. The studio is acoustically treated with proper studio monitoring for an aurally inspiring experience.Of course I'm always happy to talk indulge in gear talk and offer advice. You can try out various bits of equipment and benefit from my years of endless tinkering in the studio and on stage. This knowledge extends to studio engineering and production, midi, keyboards, sound design, audio restoration, mastering and of course setting up and maintaining guitars! Check out my YouTube channel for the various pedal reviews I've done as well as lots of other great content.